How to Tell the Difference Between a Real and a Fake Pay Stub?

How to Tell the Difference Between a Real and a Fake Pay Stub?
Pay stubs give information about employees and the amount of money they are paid. Many people are using fake stubs to get employed nowadays. There are certain factors that you can you use to know a fake and real pay stub. All the basic information should be correct. Fake pay stabs have wrong generic information. The person generating the stab may have missed certain details. These basic details may include name, age and occupation. A fake pay stub generator will have a lot of spelling mistakes. Information in the real pay stubs and that in the company system should be similar. There will be no more room for errors.  To learn more about Difference Between A Real And A Fake Pay Stub , follow the link.

Another indicator of a real pay stub should ensure that all digits and decimal points align. Preparing pay stubs require accountants to be very keen. This lines up all decimals and digits. There are no errors or confusion in this case. A real pay stub is created using accounting software. A fake pay stub can be prepared using Microsoft word. This process is easy and fake.

You can know the difference between zero0 and o the letter in a real pay stub. These small details are very important. These details will never seem important to a fake pay stub generator. This will make you easily recognize a fake pay stub. Preparation of pay stubs is done by professional accountants. This means they care about accounting details a lot. This means you should minimize estimations by all means. Many rounded numbers or estimations that look unrealistic may mean you are dealing with a fake pay stub. Some figures may tend to be unrealistic to you. This definitely means you are dealing with a fake pay stub.  The best information about Real And Fake Pay Stub is available when you click the link.

Another way to know a real pay stub is checking how legible it is. A real pay stub should be easy to understand. All numbers should match correctly. The quality of the ink and paper used should be very high. The quality of the accounting should always come first. Check lines and fonts that dont match properly. This generally means that all the information was not typed on the same piece of paper. To know a real pay stub you need to compare earnings. You can compare these amounts by asking applicants how frequently they are paid. You can confirm this by asking them for copies. If there is a difference of large amounts, you may ask further questions. You may investigate and see if these variances are caused by bonuses or overtime. In conclusion to avoid being fooled by a fake pay stub, check all the information. Check the quality of information, numbers and any kinds of discrepancies.  Pick out the most interesting info about pay stub at

Things To Ponder When You Need To Know The Innovative And The False Pay Stub

Things To Ponder When You Need To Know The Innovative And The False Pay Stub
Handwork pays therefore, you need to be waged if you work in a particular firm as you agreed. Just like the scripture, you need to work to be able to afford some of the necessary products. Therefore, there are different payment modes that different commercial firm use to wage the employees according to various features. In this case, if you are an employee in the firm that opt to use the pay stub you need to be sure with how the original and the fake pay stub appears. For example, you can be sure that if you receive the fake pay stub you are likely not to receive any wage. Analyzed below are some of the features that can help you tell the fake and the original pay stub.

Initially, you need to start by looking at the details on the pay stub. For instance, you can be sure that the pay stub must possess your original names, the name of the company paying you and also exact amount of money you expect at that particular time. Therefore, it is vital to make sure that the names on the pay stub  are well written. Again, you need to make sure they are your correct names. Still, the original pay stub must have the date and the date must be correct according to the way you receive the payment. The original pay stub have all the names in their correct spelling and as well as the date but the fake pay stub is likely to have some slight mistake on the spelling of the names.  See the best information about How To Tell The Difference Between A Real And Fake Pay Stub.

Still, you need to ensure that there is the systematic flow of the details in the pay stub. It is important to make sure that each info leads you to the other in the entire pay stub. For example, the deduction rate and allowances in the pay stub need to follow each other on order. If you find that it is not easy to understand the flow of this calculation on the pay stub you can be certain that it is fake one. The original pay stub can be recognized by having the decimals on one position on the pay stub on the whole check and vise vasa.  Learn more about Difference Between A Real And A Fake Pay Stub.
Still, it is vital to read all the words used in the pay stub. You can be sure it is easy to read and interpret the terms used on the pay stub. Therefore, considering this factors, the pay stub with the easy to understand terms is an original one and the one with the hard to understand terms is a counterfeit pay stub.  Determine the best information about pay stub at

Spotting Real And Fake Pay Stubs

Spotting Real And Fake Pay Stubs
A pay stub is a piece of paper that is normally given to the employee with a paycheck. Some of the pay stub indications includes the amount of money that the employee was able to earn during his working period. Pay stubs usually provide a lot of useful information about the employees as it sates how much amount of money they earn. Many people have been able to develop fake pay stubs and if one is not able to tell between a real and a fake then automatically he is in deep trouble. One should be able to learn how to tell difference between a real and fake pay stub.

This is the way the might be caught if they present it to banks. In order for one to be able to tell if the pay stub is real or fake all the basic information should be correct. I f some information are not included then automatically this pay stub is fake, basic information may include the name, date, occupation, date of birth. Spelling mistakes must be given much concentration as if the basic information are misspelled the pay stub is then considered fake.  Explore more ideas about pay stub at

To add, there should be minimal estimation and roundups. By just looking at the round ups one can be able to tell if the pay stub is fake. A fake pay stub usually has an exaggerated round ups while a real pay stub has minimal or no round ups . A fake has no estimations hence exaggeration will be much while on the other hand genuine estimations allows for minimal round ups.  By just looking at legibility of the pay stub one can be able to tell the difference between a real and a fake pay stub. A real pay stub should clear and legible. If the pay stub is hard to read then it is considered a  fake pay stub. Even if it is from a small business organization a real pay should always be easy to understand and clearly legible. This is because of the decent quality paper used and the printer ink.  Check out this site  Real And Fake Pay Stub.

Another factor that is to be considered while telling if the pay stub is fake is the decimal places and point lines. A real pay stub usually has consistently placed decimal places and there lines are lined up.

It is because the accountant has taken much time in development of decimal places leaving no room for any possible errors. Accountant software is used to develop a real pay stub while a fake pay stub is developed by use of Microsoft word. Another factor used to differentiate a fake and a real pay stub is use of '0' and 'O'. This two factors cannot be differentiated by a fake pay stub as fake don't give much concentration on small details.

Top Ways In Distinguishing Between a Fake and a Real Paystub

Top Ways In Distinguishing Between a Fake and a Real Paystub
Valuable information is conveyed by paystub which is used by banking and financial institutions. Banking  facilities use the information on paystub to tell if a loan applicant is in a position to acquire a loan. A paystub is a document that notifies a person when payment transactions are carried out which may include salary payment. All the possible insurance deduction, taxes and the net earnings of the employee are relayed on a paystub.  Expand the information about the Difference Between A Real And A Fake Pay Stub.

The eligibility of an employee to acquire loans is done through paystubs. The financial institutions have the objective to make sure the related paystubs are valid and real. Even if the employee is not actually eligible for a loan, some agencies often assist them in fixing false information into the document. The fake paystubs have false information. Among the information that is altered or put in the paystubs may include the payment details of the person. All this is done to aid the employee from acquiring loans from bank accounts. Renting of a house and leasing of equipment are some activities where paystubs are used. The borrowers' and tenants' credibility is conveyed by paystubs.  Enhance the important knowledge that you can get about Real And Fake Pay Stub.

The paystub document must be examined by financial, leasing and renting entities before using them to carry out any transactions. This can be done By verifying the rudimental information relayed at the paystub with the information relayed on the security cards like national identity cards or passports. The bank institutions and other entities must make sure that the information on the paystub matches the information on the other documents.

The quality of the paystub is also worthy examining. The quality of the paystubs depends on how they printed and produced. The paystub must have consistent characterization of letters and numbers if it is not tampered with. This may include non-matching fonts, improper spacing of the numbers and some evidences like presence of dark lines that shows signs of editing. The paystub's layout tells whether it is real or fake. The columns and rows in a paystub must add up according to the numbers and letters that are in the document.  Seek more information about pay stub at

There should be close examination of the document's numbers to avoid any cases of false information. The numbers include the various dates of payments by the institution that the employee works in. The employer's way of paying their employees must match the mode of payment stated on the paystub. The earnings of the employee must add up to the duration of days they work and they are paid. The total annual payment of the employee after division with the duration in which the employee is paid must give a correct figure of the salary on the paystub. To know if the document is fake or real, it is worth inquiring about the tax payments.

Ways of Spotting a Real from a Fake Paystub

Ways of Spotting a Real from a Fake Paystub
When it comes to knowing what employees earn, the world has made it easier for every employer to know using stuff like Paystubs. What you should realize is that fake pay stubs are actually very common.  Like in 2016, a police officer genuinely and knowingly applied for a loan using a very fake paystub and then he was later charged with fraud.  Be excited to our most important info about How To Tell The Difference Between A Real And Fake Pay Stub.

But the sad thing is that not everyone gets caught.  Therefore, the first thing you should always put effort in is ultimately know the right from the wrong pay stub in this case. You should consider the following things.

The Information Should be Authentic.

One way to know if this is a fake stub or not is to actually check the kind of details that are there in the pay stubs so that you do not get something that really helps you.  Always check the date of birth occupation and name and ensure they match because if they do not then that is a red flag.  

Additionally, bear in mind that the spelling mistakes on the pay stubs are pretty much things that fake pay stub generators are unable to create. Do not forget that when it comes to the paystub, a genuine one will just produce the information stored in the system.  Learn the most important ideas about Difference Between A Real And A Fake Pay Stub.

All should Line Up.

The moment you get to find a genuine paystub you will notice that everything is lining up.  Actually even small stuff like decimals and digits will line up. Actually, fake paystub look like they were made by people who are not professionals.

Beware that 0 and O is actually different.

The easiest way to consider a fake stub from one that is genuine is checking the small details that exists. You should know that some of the things like the difference between O and 0 is the first thing you need to keep in mind. Fake stubs do not put effort in coming up with good details when compared to genuine pay stubs.  Get more information about pay stub at

Understand that Estimations are Minimal.

You should always know that pay stubs are created by people who have an idea of what it needs. You should always consider than when it comes to the right pay stubs then you are working with some that provide you with the information you need.

Maybe you are thinking that one is a fake or not, consult with an accountant for you to surely know.

Ensure it Can Be Read Easily.

A simple way to ensure you have a genuine paystub is that you need to ensure that the numbers are matching correctly and that the formatting is correct in this case.

Ensure that you are always working with a good accountant to help you spot a fake and a genuine pay stub.
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